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„I have completely converted to using these shampoo bars – they lather amazing and they last forever.

I am never buying a bottle of liquid shampoo again.”

Sabrina O.

„Wasn’t sure if this laundry soap would live up to the hype but it has! Easy to make, easy to use (I got the dispenser jar with a sticker), smells amazing, and works! I tried so many others but they all didn’t work.“

Karli M.

„We love this zero-waste, hand-loving hand soap solution… you notice how well the soap treats your skin, and you love how long it lasts and how little waste (zero!) you’re generating. Hurray for Tangie!”


„LAUNDRY PASTE: to be clear, this product did NOT work for me. However, I rate 5 stars for two reasons 1. It’s quite possible the reason it didn’t work is due to my unbelievably hard water with no installed water softener. 2. The seller is quite amazing…”

Paris P.

„I have ordered quite a few of these because I love them so much. I have four boys who all play sports, and a daughter who does dance. This cleans all their uniforms and practice clothes so well… I’ll be using this [laundry concentrate] forever.”

Lyndsey C.

„My son bathed my dogs for me. He said this [pet shampoo bar] is really good at lathering and rinsing clean. Plus I love the little wood paw to let the soap dry on.”

Debbie H.

What’s your choice?

Home Care

Laundry Concentrate Bar, Stain Remover Bar, Dish Washing Bar and Hand Wash Concentrate Bar to help you make those cleaning woos vanish.

Hair & Body

Shampoo, conditioner, body bars, hair & body oil and much more to pamper your hair and skin with earth loving and conscious ingredients.

Pet Care

Our pet shampoo bar is made specifically for furry babies and their skin type. Pair it up with our pet drying disk.

Where you might know us from

What on Earth could be causing my skin irritations?

I tried everything on the supermarket shelves, changed soaps and swapped detergents to no avail. Years of working as a paralegal made me want to get to the bottom of it – researching, digging through documents, furiously taking notes. While links between chemicals and diseases became clear, the bad news got worse when I learned about the petro-chemicals going into plastic bottles and packaging, and how those still leach into our waterways and soil long after their use.

On the other hand, use of yucca root, salt, soap nuts and other such simple natural ingredients had been very common throughout our history for efficient and effective cleaning. So where did we lose our way?

Something needed to change! And so, what started in my garage with my own two hands, Tangie LLC is now America’s trusted source offering effective cleaning solutions for the home and body made with thoughtful ingredients and no plastic packaging, while also supporting environmentally conscious stores across the United States.

Each year we stop thousands of plastic bottles from ever being produced and dumped onto our precious planet.

Created with love, Angie

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