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Wholesale and distribution inquiries

We’ve done the hard work of formulating and research, so you don’t have to!

At Tangie, we can provide your business with wholesale pricing, warehousing services and drop shipments to your customers. Register for a wholesale account today and start selling next week.

Help us spread the word (and products) for a more natural and plastic free future!

You have questions?
Send an email to care@wastefreeproducts.com


Buy wholesale, white label & private label

Get Tangie products package free and design your own packaging or let us help you meet the right people to get the job done for you.

We offer very competitive pricing with low MOQ for wholesale, white label (just one case!) and private labelling opportunities for our personal care products.

Our mission is to support people, our planet and our society

We are very proud to say that Tangie is a Carbon Neutral company, offering 100% waste free products and plastic free products. We are Leaping Bunny certified, Green America Business certified and EWG rated A for our waste free Laundry Paste.

Cruelty free

We are proud to be Leaping Bunny certified! It is the best third-party assurance certification that a product is free of animal testing. Look for this logo on all the products you use.

Ethical and sustainable
As a business and individuals, we choose to financially support Green America to help them achieve their mission to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.
Clean ingredients

You can trust Tangie to use the best, natural, clean ingredients but we know you use many other brands in your life. We personally use and recommend the Environmental Working Groups (EWG) database to learn more about the ingredients in the products you use everyday.

Vegan and bio safe

We only plant based ingredients, no animal products or bi-product and care about the biological effects these ingredients have on humans and the environment.

Compostable packaging

We strive for all our packaging to be home compostable. No composter, no problem. Bury it in a hole in the ground or push it into a flower pot.

Carbon neutral

We purchase carbon offset credits to reduce our carbon footprint in the areas we have less control over the energy usage and waste factor.

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Customer reviews that fill our heart


shop page collage

„I have completely converted to using these shampoo bars – they lather amazing and they last forever.

I am never buying a bottle of liquid shampoo again.”

Sabrina O.

„Wasn’t sure if this laundry soap would live up to the hype but it has! Easy to make, easy to use (I got the dispenser jar with a sticker), smells amazing, and works! I tried so many others but they all didn’t work.“

Karli M.

„We love this zero-waste, hand-loving hand soap solution… you notice how well the soap treats your skin, and you love how long it lasts and how little waste (zero!) you’re generating. Hurray for Tangie!”


„LAUNDRY PASTE: to be clear, this product did NOT work for me. However, I rate 5 stars for two reasons 1. It’s quite possible the reason it didn’t work is due to my unbelievably hard water with no installed water softener. 2. The seller is quite amazing…”

Paris P.

„I have ordered quite a few of these because I love them so much. I have four boys who all play sports, and a daughter who does dance. This cleans all their uniforms and practice clothes so well… I’ll be using this [laundry concentrate] forever.”

Lyndsey C.

„My son bathed my dogs for me. He said this [pet shampoo bar] is really good at lathering and rinsing clean. Plus I love the little wood paw to let the soap dry on.”

Debbie H.

You’re looking for a white label solution?

With White Labelling, you take our high quality natural products and sell it under your own brand. All without the high costs of formulating and start up fees. You can start with as few as 250 units. White Labelling therefore is the easiest way possible to jump into your business.

Fill out our form, send us an email to care@wastefreeproducts.com or call or text 954-439-0310.

White Label

You’re looking for a private label solution?

Similar to White Labelling but we can make some custom adjustments to the product(s) for scent and color.

With Private Labelling, you have the advantage of selling your own unique natural products line under your brand. We provide you the high quality base to work from, you add in your style, making it your own customer formulation. You can start with as few as 360 units.

To know more about the private labelling, fill out our form, send us an email to care@wastefreeproducts.com or call or text 954-439-0310.

Private Label

Take advantage of our fulfillment and drop ship services

Do you need someone to warehouse, inventory, and drop ship your products? We can do that too!

Contact us for more details or to get answers to your specific questions. Send us an email to care@wastefreeproducts.com or call or text 954-439-0310.

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