Our impact and sustainability

Tangie company offers zero waste alternatives to beauty, cleaning and pet care products. Sustainability is at the core of Tangie’s DNA. Let us share with you how sustainability shows up tangibly in our business everyday.

Our fight against plastic

At Tangie we believe small changes in our daily lives can collectively create a substantial positive impact for our bodily health and the health of our beautiful planet Earth.

For years, the beauty, personal care, and household cleaning products industry have been a major contributor to single use plastic waste in the United States. Obviously, it’s happen all over the world, but as a United States based company, we focus on the reduction of waste in the areas as can have an impact.

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We say no to chemicals, parabens and other toxins

We are transparent with the ingredients we use. A complete ingredient list for each product we make and sell is listed in the Details and Ingredients section under the product name on each product listing page.

  • We only use Vegan, Plant-based Ingredients
  • No hormone disrupting ingredients
  • No parabens, chemicals, phosphates, dyes, plastic, or synthetic fragrance

Our mission is to support you, our planet and our society

Cruelty free

We are Leaping Bunny Certified! Only kind and loving ingredients for your skin and the planet. Also, no phosphates, dyes and artificial fragrances which may choke our oceans and water supply.

Ethical and sustainable

We are committed to cutting out manufacturing processes and ingredients which are harmful to humans and the planet, mindful about the shipping processes, recyclability and choice of materials for packaging.

Clean ingredients

We only use 100% plant-based ingredients for all our products, no artificial or synthetic chemicals or toxins which harm the planet are used!

Vegan and bio safe

All our Tangie products are made with good ingredients because we truly believe what goes in and around the body affects the body

Compostable packaging and plastic free delivery

Our packaging is recyclable made of paper which can easily be composted in a home composter or put in the paper recycling bin, and we also offer package free options for customers who’d like to opt for it. All our packaging and shipping is handled by our very own 100% plastic free distribution center. This means we have full control of how the products are packaged and shipped to you in the best zero waste conditions.


Carbon neutral

Tangie as a company is extremely mindful about its carbon emissions. This means we are mindful of all the carbon we emit through every single business activity and operation, offset those emissions, and have a plan in place for reducing future emissions.

Where we still want to get better

Behind the scenes, there is a lot of research which goes on to make sure Tangie is always up to date within sustainability niche. As we learn more, grow as a company and have means to do more, we would keep working on improving our products and iterating on processes and operations to minimize our impact on the planet.

Giving back

We are proud to say we give back in many ways but there are a few places we are most proud of. The following places are amazing and we support them by providing them cleaning products without charge when they need it.


Ruth House is a transitional shelter for women in crisis who possess a strong desire to overcome their life wounds, addictions, and/or addictive behaviors. This is accomplished through a research-based, systematic program that includes Bible study, group and individual counseling, and connections with the community.We teach women how to live a healthy lifestyle under the Lordship of Christ.We help women set goals, find employment and establish a permanent residence.Ruth House was founded in March of 2006 due to the high number of women with children who struggle with various issues of addiction and are in need of guidance and help in reconstructing their lives and the lives of their families.

Street Team Movement’s laundry program is called (Re): New

The goal of (Re): New is to provide a safe place for our clients to wash their clothes. Street Team Movement provides the location and any resources needed to perform laundry duties; our clients are required to make and keep their own appointments. Most homeless individuals either contend with dirty clothes or seek out new clothing as opposed to simply washing the clothes that they already have. In partnership with Thornton Park Coin Laundry, we are able to renew not only our client’s clothes but their hope and outlook on themselves. A fresh change of newly washed clothes should not be taken for granted.

Twice a week, an average of 212 people laundry. Which is about 424 loads of laundry. An average of $8 per person, so an average monthly total of $1,696. We have been proving laundry services since April of 2014. Year to date we have done 22,048 loads of laundry for 11,024 people. We have used an average of $20,352 in quarters to do laundry (Which comes to 1,017 pounds of quarters).

Forward paths

For those aging out of the foster care system. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live up to their full potential. Our focus is on our community’s homeless youths and those who are aging out of foster care.

We believe together we can create a path that leads to independence. Our vision is a supportive community that aids in acquiring housing, transportation, job skills, and other needed services that will direct them on a forward path to success. With the support of our community, these vulnerable youth will flourish, uniting voices of change around the world.


Please, everyone bring all your newspapers, magazines, and other papers to the shelter and help us fill it to the top! The proceeds from this will benefit our shelter tremendously!

Learn more about it in The Grateful Redhead Podcast

Tangie founder, Angie Ringler, explores a variety of topics with people who care for others, the planet and the ingredients we use. Over two years of published episodes and many more scheduled for recording.

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