When form met function, the best sustainable laundry detergent dispenser was made; from reclaimed wood.

Details and ingredients

Imagine how beautiful your laundry room would be without a plastic laundry bottle. Take a moment and think about how ugly, and wasteful, the plastic jug is in your laundry room. Now, envision that same spot with a compact, picture perfect glass laundry bottle with a wood lid and wood measuring cap. That’s a pretty spot now, isn’t it?

In our quest to source as much as possible for the United States, we designed what we couldn’t find made here. Our wood working partner is in New York and sources all the wood used for our dispenser lids from boat and dock projects. Our laundry soap dispenser lids can hold up against any moisture!

Screw this handcrafted wood lid onto a glass jar and you just made your own plastic free refillable laundry detergent container.

The handy measuring cap is the best part!

When full, the cap on top measures one-ounce of liquid laundry soap.
Details are engraved on the cap, so you never forget how much liquid it holds.

The measuring cap sits easily on top of the lid. It is not tight fitting. The measuring cap is not meant to be a seal for the lid, it is meant to be an easy to remove measuring cap.

Unique beauty of wood

The wood sourced for our laundry detergent dispensing lids are gathered from a variety of projects. Each lid is slightly different in color and grain. Some are dark wood; some are light wood. We also receive a variety of wood weights due to the varying of wood species. The laundry dispenser lid you will receive may look different than the images shown in the product listing. But each lid is equally beautiful and functional.


Reclaimed wood, metal ring, silicone gasket

How to use this plastic free laundry dispenser

The Laundry Dispenser Lid:

Fill the 16-ounce jar with water.
Screw the wood dispenser lid onto the glass jar.

Cut the bar into 8 equal parts.

Cut the bar along the long side first. Then cut the bar in half two times on the short side. That will give you 8 equal pieces.

  1. Drop one part (about .35 gram) into the 16-ounce glass jar
  2. Let sit until dissolved.

No real effort required. Just drop the piece of Tangie laundry detergent into the water and it will completely dissolve in several hours. Use regular tap water. No hot water, no stirring or mixing required.

The Measuring Cap:

The measuring cap is made to sit on top of the dispensing lid. It does not screw on nor is it leak-proof. The measuring cap is NOT a seal for the top lid, it is meant to be an easy to remove measuring cap.