Save 33% with tis bundle. Refill the foaming pumper 32 times with this foaming hand wash starter kit. Scent is a citrusy blend of grapefruit, wild orange, and palmarosa essential oil.

Details and ingredients

Stop buying new dispensers and start making your own foaming hand soap refills. Liquid hand soap refills are an easy way to save money and resources. This two-bar bundle with glass foaming soap dispenser saves you bundle of cash! 

This bundle will make two gallons of liquid soap. 
The scented hand soap refill gets its aroma from energizing blend of oils pink grapefruit, wild orange, with undertones of the sweet and rose-like palmarosa essential oils, not from synthetic fragrance of parfum.

Each bar of Hand Wash Concentrate makes 1 gallon of liquid hand soap and this kit includes TWO bars of natural hand soap refills.  

We sell this bundle to make it easy for you to get started. No seeking out the right dispenser. You can begin refilling foaming soap dispensers right away! 

When the Citrus Hand Wash Concentrate is dissolved, the viscosity of the liquid is best used to refill foaming soap dispensers. 

The bundle includes: 

  • Two Citrus Hand Wash Concentrate Bars 
  • One Amber Glass Foaming Soap Dispenser with silicone base 

This is the best foaming soap dispenser! [we have tested so many over the years]

We love this pumper because it not only looks beautiful, but it performs exceptionally well. It is made from high quality stainless steel, amber glass, with a silicone base. The pump has the least amount of plastic components we could find in a foaming soap dispenser and is built to last. Amber glass protects essential oils from UV rays and is perfect for naturally scented soaps.   

After extended use, the tip of the nozzle may get a bit clogged with soap residue. Simply insert a pin or toothpick into the tip to remove any clogged soap.   

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil Pomace, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Aloe Vera Powder, Rosemary Oleoresin, Blend of Pink Grapefruit, Wild Orange, and Palmarosa Essential Oils

We understand bar soap is not for everyone. For those that like the ease and convenience of liquid hand soap but hate all the plastic bottle waste that comes with it; our refillable hand soap is for you. Use this waste free hand soap to refill foaming soap dispensers you already own plus refill the beautiful foam soap dispenser included in this bundle.  

With this kit you get to make your own zero waste soap dispenser. Besides the super price to refill the hand soap dispenser, you know you are using the best natural ingredients on your skin! 

 Features & Benefits: 

  • This starter kit saves you 33% off the regular price! 
  • The silicone base helps keep the dispenser in place by your sink. 
  • Perfect for tiny houses and RV lifestyles. 
  • Dissolvable hand soap lets you make the amount best for you. Dissolve the entire Tangie hand soap paste or cut it into pieces and make the amount perfect for your foam soap dispensers. 

How to use the foaming hand soap refill and dispenser

The dissolved Tangie Hand Wash Concentrate makes a luxurious soap in foaming dispensers.


You determine the dilution ratio based on how bubbly you like your hand soap.  


OPTION 1: Makes enough liquid to fill the dispenser twice. 

Cut the bar into 8 equal parts.  

Slice the long way first. Then cut the bar in half two times on the short side. That will give you 8 equal pieces. 

  1. Drop one part (about .35 gram) into 2 cups of water. 
  2. Let sit until dissolved. About 2-3 hours. 
  3. Fill the dispenser, twist on the pump, and dispense as usual. 

If you like a more bubbly hand washing experience, use less water on your next batch. 

OPTION 2: Cut concentrate into pieces and dissolve as needed.  

Cut the bar into 16 equal parts.  

Slice the long way first. Then cut the bar in half on the short side. Then cut each half in half twice. You will have 16 equal pieces. It’s ok if they are not exactly the same size… we won’t tell anyone :)   

Fill the dispenser with water just above the curve in the bottle to leave room for the dispenser. Drop one piece of the Lavender Hand Wash Concentrate into the bottle, twist on the pump and let the hand soap concentrate completely dissolve. Dispense as usual. 

The piece of concentrate will dissolve within a couple of hours. No hot water, no stirring or mixing required. 

It is that simple to make your own refillable all-natural, plastic free foaming hand soap! 


Grab your soap dispenser by the top of the pumper and tilt it forward slightly then set it back upright before dispensing the soap. This small movement is enough to reintegrate the ingredients.  

This hand wash soap is not homogenized and will settle between uses.  

You do NOT need to shake the mixture together before using.
An easy movement of the soap and it will quickly swirl it all back together. 


No matter what dispenser you choose, you will get hand soap refills for less than $0.20 per ounce. Refilling this 8-ounce foaming dispenser will cost you less than $1.50! 

 PACK a piece for your travels and never have to use chemical filled hand soaps on your journeys. 

STORE the unused portions in the paper box it arrives in until you are ready to make a liquid hand soap refill. Shelf life of 2+ years.  After 2 years the scent may not be as vibrant, but the efficacy of the dissolvable hand soap will not be diminished. 

TAKE a piece (or a few pieces and the dispenser) on your outdoor adventures. This all-natural hand soap refill concentrate can be used for hand washing, showers, dish washing, cleaning equipment, and more.

Even though the soap is made with natural ingredients that are biodegradable,
it is always recommended for all soaps to be used and disposed of at least 200 feet away of any body of water.