The most beautiful foaming soap dispenser! Use it for hand soap, body wash, even shampoo. The silicone ring on the base helps keep it in place in wet areas.

Details and ingredients

We love this pumper because it not only looks beautiful, but it performs exceptionally well.  It is made from high quality stainless steel, amber glass, with a silicone base. The pump has the least amount of plastic components we could find in a foaming soap dispenser and is built to last.

After extended use, the tip of the nozzle may get a bit clogged with soap residue. Simply insert a pin or toothpick into the tip to remove any clogged soap.

Stop buying new dispensers and start refilling! Soap refills are an easy way to save time, money and resources. Pairing this amber glass foaming soap dispenser with Tangie Hand Wash Concentrate, you can refill this dispenser 16 times for less than $1.00 per refill!

This is the best foaming soap dispenser! [we have tested soooo many over the years]

A unique and handy feature of amber glass for soaps scented with essential oils is that amber glass protects against UV rays, which can cause natural scents to break down prematurely.

We understand bar soap is not for everyone.
For those that like the ease and convenience of liquid hand soap but hate all the plastic bottle waste that comes with it; buy our refillable foaming soap dispenser today.

Besides the super price to refill the hand soap dispenser, this foaming soap pumper looks great! The amber bottle is sturdy and made to last.


How to use the foaming hand soap dispenser

Add a few ounces of your favorite soap and fill with water. The soap MUST have a thin viscosity in order to work properly with the foaming pumper.