The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Swaps

98- page eBook about removing plastic from your life. Easy to follow guide to make it simple by going room by room in your home.


  • An easy road map to removing plastic from your home and your life.
  • Product updates as advancements in plastic-free alternatives continue to surface.
  • Details [links and pictures] for all the alternatives discussed here


This downloadable book is written with conversational language, like a walk-through many years of life, sharing real experiences of what worked and didn’t work so well.

The idea of going plastic-free or reducing your reliance on plastic can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be!  

If you take the time to plan and educate yourself, going plastic-free can be easy and sustainable. One of the best ways to go plastic-free is to find sustainable swaps for the plastic products you use every day 

The author and Tangie founder, Angie Ringler, an eco-warrior with decades of study and expertise, has written this 100-page E-Book.

It is a great read on how to reduce waste and plastic from your daily routine, with all of the details on how you can make changes and the reasons why you may want to delve deeper into other alternatives.  

This book is for everyone!  

Whether you are a novice or an expert about reducing plastic waste.
Each chapter is written in sections: for the novice and the veteran

This book is jam-packed with detailed measures to take to start and propel your journey toward becoming completely plastic-free.
You will be pleasantly surprised by how many options there are for reducing your carbon footprint!

The e-book is a self-help book that provides detailed instructions on how to turn your life around.

It was created with simple conversational English and at the end of the book is a checklist of how you can get started reducing plastic waste in your home, room by room. Going plastic-free doesn’t have to be all or nothing 

Small changes can make a big difference and once you start making sustainable swaps, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to keep going!  

This well-thought-out eco book offers:   

  • An easy road map to less plastic consumption.   
  • Product and companies that offer plastic-free alternatives.   
  • Photos and website link to each discussion.    

We must make changes, big or little, in our daily lives as climate change manifests at such a quick pace. This e-book is designed to educate and inspire individuals to go plastic-free in every area of their life. 

Whether you’re searching for new cleaning ideas or ways to repurpose stuff at home to save money on products or want to learn more about cutting-edge gadgets, this book has everything you need. 

We hope that after reading this book, you will be inspired, empowered, and most of all, liberated from the overwhelming amount of plastic that surrounds you every day! 

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