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How to use a shampoo bar and why a shampoo bar is easy to use.

Getting Started. First things first, before you use your Tangie Shampoo Bar, make sure your hair is all wet and ready. It’s like a little pre-party for your hair. Wet it thoroughly, and you’re ready to wash. 

Grab that little round wonder of a shampoo bar and rub it gently between your hands to get some of that lather going. Don’t worry; it’s easy, the lather starts right away! Once you have a bit of lather in your hands, rub it onto your hair, or you can gently rub the bar directly on your hair. It’s like giving your hair a mini massage! 😌 Best to rub in the bar in the direction of the hair shaft to avoid unnecessary tangling. Rinse the shampoo out of your hair and then conditioner your hair if needed.  

Conditioner bars are the perfect match to a natural shampoo bar. A Tangie conditioner bar can be used in three ways. You can read more about that HERE. Today we are talking about solid shampoo bars! 

It’s Not Soap 

Bottle free hair care is more than a fad. Shampoo bars are showing up more and more in shower soap dishes every day and all over the planet! 

A shampoo bar is like magic soap for your hair! Imagine a small, round bar that’s your shampoo, but it’s not in a plastic bottle. It’s eco-friendly and made in the good ol’ US of A by Tangie. 

Tangie shampoo bars are not soap. They are hand pressed with ingredients that lather up like soap but are not processed like traditional soap. There is no lye used to make Tangie shampoo bars. In traditional soap making, lye is required to turn oils into soap. The pH of soap can be harsh on some types of hair. Tangie round shampoo bars have a pH of about 8. Many shampoo bars made with lye can have a pH of 10+ 

Storing Your Shampoo Sidekick 

After the hair party is over, make sure to store your zero-waste shampoo bar in a dry place. There is no packaging to keep it away from water so choose a place in your tub or shower area to place a soap dish that will allow air to move all around the bar. Allowing the bar to dry between uses will give you more use from the bar. The more washes, the better! 

You don’t want it to get soggy—nobody likes a soggy superhero!    

Enter Andrea, an incredible artisan in New York. She handcrafts custom soap dishes for us using reclaimed wood in her local area. These one-of-a-kind wood drying disks are specially designed for Tangie shampoo, conditioner, and body soap bars. 

Common Myths – Busted! 

Let’s tackle some common myths about shampoo bars: 

1. Shampoo bars don’t work as well as liquid shampoos.

That’s a big nope! Tangie Shampoo Bars work just as amazingly as liquid shampoos. They clean your hair without any plastic waste. Win-Win!

2. Shampoo bars are hard to use.

Not true at all! They’re super easy. Just wet, lather, and wash. Like magic, your hair will be clean and happy. Of course, if a person has difficulty holding a palm-size round object, then a shampoo bar is not for them.  

3. Shampoo bars don’t last long. 

Tangie Shampoo Bars are like superheroes that keep going. One bar can last for a long time, saving the day for your hair and the environment. One bar can last a few months, even 50+ washes, depending how much hair and how often the hair gets washed. 

4. You can’t travel with a shampoo bar. 

Think again! Tangie Shampoo Bars are TSA-approved and make perfect travel buddies. No spills, no leaks, just a happy hair adventure wherever you go. The best part is that they can do double duty as a body and face wash while you travel. Pack one shampoo bar and one conditioner bar for a zero-waste travel experience.  

Our founder, Angie, has used a cloth travel pouch for more than 10 years to stash her soap bars while traveling. When it was time to provide a travel accessory for Tangie shampoo and conditioner bars, she hired a local artisan to hand make custom soap bar travel pouches. They are soft & flexible, unlike travel tins; and let the bars dry quickly, unlike a zip plastic bag. The pouch has a sewn-in loop making it an effective way to hang-up when counter space is limited. Each pouch can hold 2-3 bars, depending on the size of each bar. 

Wet bar on the day of travel? Not a problem! Toss the wet bars into the pouch and the cotton cloth will immediately absorb the excess moisture – no worry of getting anything wet or soapy in your suitcase.  

Why Tangie Shampoo Bars Rock! 

  1. Zero Waste Superpowers: Tangie Shampoo Bars are like the superheroes of the bathroom. No plastic bottles mean less waste in our oceans and landfills. We’re saving the planet, one hair wash at a time! 
  1. Made in the USA: Tangie shampoo bars are proudly made right here in the USA. Supporting local businesses is awesome, and Tangie is doing just that! 
  1. Natural Goodness: These bars are packed with natural ingredients that love your hair. No weird chemicals, just pure goodness. 

So, there you have it, friends! Tangie shampoo bars are here to make our hair and our planet happy. It’s an adventure in every wash, and you get to be a superhero for the Earth. How cool is that? 🚀🌿✨ 

Thanks for reading and happy washing! 


Angie Ringler

A lifelong learner with an entrepreneurial spirit inside long before I knew the word entrepreneurial. I care about what goes around me almost to a detriment. Very empathetic and sometimes find it hard to take in and remove the sadness that I feel around me. I'm a big believer in gratitude and love and respect

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