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Here’s your guide to finding perfect zero waste gift for men

Finding the perfect zero waste gift for the man in your life can be hard and making sure it is fun, yet thoughtful and environmentally conscious at the same time can seem like a nightmare. From upcycled and recycled items, to gifts that encourage sustainable living, there are plenty of options that will make his day.

Check out a few ideas of Zero Waste Gifts for Men and get inspired!  

There is no doubt that when gifts align with our philosophy of zero waste lifestyle it becomes more special to whom we are gifting. They can be fun, yet thoughtful and environmentally conscious at the same time! This guide is filled with gift ideas that could work for holidays, special days like birthdays, anniversaries or just like that. Of course, also consider giving zero trash presents this year. We’re not just talking about non-single use items either–we mean ones you can compost or give away once they’ve served their purpose!  

Gifting can always be tricky for anyone for that reason. Balancing the act of giving something meaningful versus not being boring or conventional at the same time. When it comes to gifting the man in your life, things become trickier because gifting men is not easy. To top all of this, finding a zero-waste gift for your man can involve a lot more creativity. So, this article becomes an easy guide to show how much you care for men in your life and finding a perfect zero waste gift. From upcycled and recycled items, to gifts that encourage sustainable living, there are plenty of options that will make his day. So why not ditch the traditional gifts this year and go for something truly unique?  

Zero waste shaving kit  

Combining a stainless-steel razor with a zero-waste shave bar and beard oil could make great gifts giving shaving a special experience for your man.

Shave kitUpgrading that plastic razor to a slick stainless steel one can be classy and conscious at the same time. Firstly, you stop contributing to 2 billion plastic razors thrown out annually and secondly, the weight, the shape and overall feel is so much better.

It feels luxurious and saving your man from dollars spent each year on disposable razors. This safety razor lasts a lifetime and only requires switching the blades.

To enhance this gift, pair it with a zero-waste shave bar made by companies these days. One of our top picks in terms of price and workability is this zero-waste shave bar by Tangie’s. It’s made with natural, cruelty-free, vegan and plant-based ingredients which are gentle on the skin, wallet and mother earth.

You can also add some specially crafted beard oils to make your man feel special and pampered along the way.   

Shampoo and conditioner bar for men  

There are increasing number of brands which are now catering to needs of men within beauty and wellness industry.

Finding a natural, zero waste shampoo and conditioner option for men could make a lovely special gift for your man.

We all know that men hair is different from women’s hair in terms of coarseness, strength etc.

So, while looking for the perfect shampoo and conditioner, look at ingredients which are natural, cruelty free, plant based and non-toxic.

Try Tangie’s latest masculine line of shampoo and conditioners to gift your man with a skin loving, pampered experience.    



Reusable coffee mugs and water bottles  

Drinking coffee or tea on the go in an eco-friendly way could be a great gift idea for all those coffee drinking men in this case.

Instead of carrying your favorite coffee in a paper or a plastic cup, you can gift your man a reusable coffee mug which is classy and super useful at the same time.

There are several brands in the market which hold up to 16 oz and are made using toughened glass. For you to hold the hot beverage easily it is fitted with a cork band.

Most of them are lightweight and microwave safe. You can also opt to pair this with a funky stainless steel or glass bottle with colorful and insulated options to keep those plastic bottles at bay.

These bottles can also keep your drink hot or cold for a long time.   


Recycled Backpack  

Another brilliant gifting idea for your outdoor loving man is a waterproof recycled backpack.

Look for one which has customizable internal dividers making this bag perfect for daily tech, work and leisure use.

Most of these bags come with a guarantee for their weather proofness which is good for travelling, rough and tough daily usage. 






Tickets to experiences

If your man is movie loving buff, music lover or gaming person, it could be a great idea for you to gift them tickets to these events by looking at cool events happening in your area.

Do some planning and scouting for the best deals to purchase a set of tickets around the time of gifting for a immediate experience or if that’s not possible, just make sure you mark your calendars off for something to look forward to spending quality time together.   






Compostable phone case

Go ahead and gift a compostable phone case which will not just protect his phone but also keep waste out of the landfills and oceans.

Pela offers a completely compostable phone case with a huge variety of designs and styles.

The company is also B Corp, member of 1% of the planet and climate neutral certified.

You could make a zero waste gift basket with assorted goodies such as local craft beer, stainless steel water bottles, tiffins, shampoo and conditioner bars or a zero waste shaving kit.  



So whenever a holiday or special day is approaching and you come to those not so familiar names on your list like a coworker or your friends husband. It is completely fine that you may not know what these men in your life need! Whoever it is, i’d hope our article gave you some much needed list of gift ideas for men they will appreciate and actually use. Buying a gift for someone who you don’t know so well can be daunting task especially if you are following a zero waste living and totally keen on keeping it plastic free.  

We do hope you enjoyed reading through this article and our ideas to make zero waste gift for men a tad bit easier during the holiday season.

Let us know in the comments below which one of these ideas did you use and if you have any more suggestions or ideas for the benefit of other readers that you’d like to contribute.   




Angie Ringler

Written by Angie Ringler. Hi! I am the founder of Tangieco. I am a dedicated advocate for sustainable living and eco-conscious choices. A self proclaimed tree hugger.

I write to inspire and empower you to embrace a greener lifestyle. Through articles, innovative products, and a commitment to showing you ways to eliminate harmful chemicals from the products around you.

gift ideasThe ultimate guide to finding the perfect zero waste gift for your man
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