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Easy beginners guide to start your Zero Waste Journey

Taking the zero-waste route is a process and mindset which takes time and patience. Since we get so involved in our daily routine lives, that change seems scary and uncomfortable initially. Whether you are just starting out on this new zero waste journey or you are already an expert, there are brands like ours Waste Free Products which will help us re-think our daily products to consider the impact of each of these on the environment, our homes and our own overall health.  

So being a part of your journey is what motivates us to swap out every single use plastic in favor of better alternatives which are long lasting, compostable, eco-friendly, consciously made and are low waste. Let’s look at our lifestyle room by room, habit by habit to make our life more sustainable for us and the planet.  


There are several ways to make our kitchen more sustainable and low waste.

kitchen alternatives

a. One big swap is to start by getting rid of all or any plastic you may have. This means swapping plastic Tupperware (once its’ of no use) for glass containers. However keep in mind, you don’t have to discard everything at once and get glass containers instead. Do it systematically and planned so that it doesn’t end up getting overwhelming for you.

b. You can swap plastic bags for cotton reusable bags when you go to buy your groceries.

c. Also stop using the throw away paper towels in favor of reusable napkins and reusable towels.

d. Also opt for eco-friendly and non-toxic dishwashing bars by the Tangieco for cleaning your vessels to experience clean, non toxic cleaning.  

Every step is small but it goes a long way towards creating a fresh habit. Once you have initiated these swaps, your kitchen will feel green without those sneaky plastic items. 


Bathroom is usually a place which tends to quickly accumulate a lot of trash and plastic. In your zero-waste journey, we are sure this is one segment you will thoroughly enjoy making it plastic free, greener, eco-conscious and cleaner.

bathroom products

a. First thing to do is to get rid of plastic floss and making the switch to a reusable glass container. You can also look for using natural plastic free toothpaste from different brands including dental tabs which are easy alternative to conventional toothpastes. You can pop in a dissolvable tablet in your mouth from these cute glass containers.

b. Simply switch your existing liquid shampoo and conditioner with a solid eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner bars. Look for personal care products and swaps which can help you in this journey as well.

c. Opt for safety razors as these refillable safety razors are made of stainless steel will look much better in the shower than plastic ones. Just do not let them stay wet for too long to eliminate rusting. Pair it with Shave bar which is solid, zero waste, eco friendly and naturally made. 

Cleaning Routine:  

Everyone loves a clean home, but is it really good for us too?

cleaning products

Many times, we don’t consider the ingredients which are used in these cleaning products which are toxic to us and the planet eventually.

Luckily, there are many amazing brands like ours at Tangieco which are revolutionizing green cleaning and packaging, helping us to generate lesser trash which up in landfills or worse in our oceans.  

Our laundry detergent concentrate bar makes 1 gallon worth liquid detergent and takes care of 256 loads. This itself eliminates those nasty plastic containers almost instantly. 



When we are making the transition towards sustainability, zero waste lifestyle it’s very essential to look at our habits and see how our personal daily routines could make the greatest impact. How small baby steps of change can lead to a bigger impact.  

In the comments below, leave us comments about your zero-waste lifestyle journey and share any tips and ideas which will help someone else here join the bandwagon successfully for years to come. 


Angie Ringler

Written by Angie Ringler. Hi! I am the founder of Tangieco. I am a dedicated advocate for sustainable living and eco-conscious choices. A self proclaimed tree hugger.

I write to inspire and empower you to embrace a greener lifestyle. Through articles, innovative products, and a commitment to showing you ways to eliminate harmful chemicals from the products around you.

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