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Business Brilliance: The Power of Private Labeling Cruelty-Free, Natural, GMP-Certified Products in the USA with Tangie

Tangie can help you distinguish your brand with certifications consumers are looking for while giving you the freedom to unleash the power of customization, all while supporting American manufacturing. Private labeling your own line of cruelty-free, GMP-certified products in the United States is more than a business move; it’s a statement of confidence and commitment. 

In a market craving authenticity and quality, take advantage of the opportunity to revolutionize your business with a product line that echoes your dedication to quality natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. Tangie has made this commitment, and your brand can capitalize on this shared dedication as well. 

Successful entrepreneurship means seizing every opportunity to stand out. When you want to make a meaningful impact in the market, private labeling your own line of natural household cleaning and body products is a game-changer.  

With Tangie as your strategic partner, you gain the Leaping Bunny certification of cruelty-free products meticulously hand crafted in a GMP facility right here in the United States.  

Not quite sure of the value of private labeling, here are a few points on how to redefine your business and set you apart from the competition. 

  1. Elevate Your Brand with Certifications that Matter

Certifications matter, and in the world of ethical consumerism, being certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny is a badge of honor. It not only aligns your brand with compassion but also resonates with conscientious consumers who actively seek products that uphold ethical standards.  

The GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification further solidifies your commitment to quality, ensuring that your products meet stringent industry standards. These certifications are not just labels; they are powerful tools to build trust and credibility with your customer base. 

  1. Customization for Unparalleled Uniqueness

Private labeling unlocks the door to customization, allowing you to create a product that is uniquely yours. From choosing colors that resonate with your brand identity to crafting scents that evoke a distinct sensory experience, the power to tailor your products is in your hands. This level of personalization not only reflects your brand’s personality but also enables you to cater to the specific preferences of your target market. In an industry saturated with generic offerings, customization becomes your secret weapon to captivate and retain customers. 

  1. Strength of American Manufacturing

Producing your natural household cleaning and body products in the United States isn’t just a patriotic choice; it’s a strategic one. Customers increasingly value products made locally, associating them with quality, reliability, and support for domestic businesses. By manufacturing in the USA, you not only contribute to the growth of the national economy but also gain a competitive edge through faster turnaround times, streamlined logistics, and the ability to respond swiftly to market demands. 

In the journey to redefine your business and set it up for success, Tangie stands as your trusted partner in realizing these benefits of private labeling. With our years of commitment to cruelty-free, GMP-certified manufacturing, and assistance with customization, we support your ability to create a unique product that resonates with your audience.  

Choosing Tangie means not just gaining a product, but a strategic partner dedicated to your brand’s success and helping you navigate the path, and benefit from our 12 years in business.   

Contact us today, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together. Your success is our priority, and at Tangie, we’re here to make it happen. 


Log this number and when you are ready, text us to schedule a call to discuss your brand specifics.

Thank you.  


Angie Ringler

A lifelong learner with an entrepreneurial spirit inside long before I knew the word entrepreneurial. I care about what goes around me almost to a detriment. Very empathetic and sometimes find it hard to take in and remove the sadness that I feel around me. I'm a big believer in gratitude and love and respect

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